Are you Vitamin D deficient?

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Did you know that 75% of adults and teens are Vitamin D deficient? That’s because sun exposure and the foods that we eat do not supply enough for what the body needs. So why does that statistic really matter?

Lack of Vitamin D can cause many chronic conditions such as heart disease, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mood swings and even diabetes.

Vitamin D is also responsible for a number of very important functions of the body including healthy bones and metabolism, regulating hormones and blood pressure, balancing how calcium is stored in the body and possibly preventing numerous cancers like breast, colon and prostate.

Also known as “the sunshine vitamin” because Vitamin D enters the body through the skin when it is exposed to the sun. But deficiency is common, especially in more recent years with the importance of sunscreen becoming well-known; which unfortunately blocks absorption.

Vitamin D is also absorbed through foods like eggs, fish, cheese and mushrooms; but even with a healthy diet and some sun exposure, many are still testing deficient. So what should we do to protect ourselves and be sure we’re getting the proper amount of Vitamin D?

In addition to eating a diet containing Vitamin D rich foods and getting a little bit of sun (15-minute sessions), most physicians recommend taking a supplement, at least 600IU each day. With some needing as much as 4000IU per day, it’s important to ask your doctor for a blood test to check your levels.

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