4 simple ways to reduce belly bloat

qtq80-fnFXYPDoes it seem like your belly is always bloated?  With Spring is in the air, now more than ever, we all have a tendency to take a closer look in the mirror after a long Winter and almost always there seems to be an enlarged belly looking back at us.

It could be simply excess air trapped in our digestive tract.  It could be from drinking too much of anything.  Or it could be from specific foods that we’re eating that we had no idea would do this much damage.  Here are 4 simple ways to reduce belly bloat, things that you might be unknowingly doing that you can stop today and have a much flatter mid-section almost immediately.

  1. Soda is a no no!  So many of us are still drinking soda, a sugary, bubbly liquid that instantly bloats your belly in addition to making you gain unwanted pounds.  Believe it or not, diet soda is just as bad for your stomach because it’s full of artifical sweetners that are difficult to digest therefore swelling your center.  We’d all be better off eliminating soda from our diets for good.
  2. Processed foods should be reduced greatly.  Anything that is already made for you that comes in a can, box, package or bottle at the grocery store should be avoided because they are full of sodium.  Not only is excess salt causing belly bloat, it’s also bad for your overall health and can cause numerous diseases such as diabetes.  75% of your diet should be fresh foods, fruits, vegetables.  Learn how to reduce sodium in your diet today here.
  3. Eat more slowly because scarfing down a meal because you’re hungry or in a rush is doing damage to your gut.  Eating too fast increases the the size of your belly because you take in more air and it gets trapped, making you look and feel bloated.  In addition, this slows the digestion process; which only keeps you bloated longer.
  4. Don’t eat right before bedtime because the body hasn’t had the opportunity to digest and struggles to do so when you’re lying down.  If you do eat before sleep, you will find yourself waking up to a big bloated belly every morning.  Try to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.

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