3 ways to eat healthy when dining out

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arestauIf you’re keeping an eye on your waistline, especially as we roll into summer, eating healthy while dining out can be a challenge.  Just one heavy meal outside of the home can blow a whole week of healthy eating.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind the next time you sit down at a restaurant.

1. Keep it simple.  Because healthy clean eating is almost always simple, the same thing applies to restaurant food.  Grilled, roasted, steamed, poached, broiled or baked proteins such as fish or chicken are the words that you should be looking for on the menu.

2. Skip the sauces, dressings, butters and gravies.  These are where the fat and calories are hidden.  Because you don’t know how these special sauces were prepared, it is in your best interest to ask for them to be served on the side.

3. Eliminate the restaurant expected restaurant traps such as the bread basket, high-calorie drinks and desserts.  Just tell the server that you don’t need the bread so that way you don’t mindlessly munch just because it’s sitting in front of you.  Choose to drink water with lemon or a simple alcohol drink, sodas and juices only pack on more calories.  And don’t even look at the dessert menu, or if you must, choose 1 to share with the table.


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