Running and Yoga; 5 reasons you should do both

mizunorunWith all of the different types of workouts to choose from nowadays, it can get confusing on what is best for your body and overall health. Having access to certain types of equipment or having to be located near a gym every time you want to exercise, can make working out more challenging.  To simplify it all for you, research has shown that running and yoga are the two best combinations of exercise there is, here’s why.

  1. Running is considered to be the best cardiovascular workout you can do while yoga is the best for building strength, including the mind. Running reduces the risk of disease, improves blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. While yoga builds muscle, flexibility and calms the mind.
  2. Running and yoga both focus on breath. It’s difficult to get through a run without proper breathing and when practicing a yoga sequence, it is essential to connect breath to movement. Learn about the importance of breath here.
  3. Running and yoga can be done anywhere. When you don’t need equipment, there’s a much better chance that you’re going to exercise. Other than maybe a yoga mat, which isn’t even necessary, all that you need is your body and a commitment.
  4. Running is fantastic for your body in so many ways, but the repeating force and pounding the pavement can tighten muscles, cause soreness and potential injury. There’s nothing better than partnering your run with a little yoga practice to elongate and stretch out your body before and after.
  5. Running can create a high while yoga can calm the mind and body. Everybody’s heard of a runner’s high; which is an increase in endorphins in the brain but have you ever hear of yoga stoned?  Just another reason why you should be doing both.

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