11 Ways to cook healthier food

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Healthier option; baked jalapeno poppers, yum!
Learn how to make these healthier jalapenos poppers here! (click picture)

If you know me at all, whether it’s from this blog, social media connections or you just happen to be a friend of mine, you know that food is my true passion.  I believe food brings people together, whether it be a collection of delicious appetizers surrounded by a group of fun girlfriends, a romantic roast chicken dinner with my husband or a special one-pot wonder that only gets better each hour it sits on the stove, food is fabulous!

I live to eat!  I think about food from the time I wake up until I go to bed each day, planning what I will make next, while always devising ways to make meals more delicious and also as healthy as possible. Planning is an essential part of being a healthy cook.  You’ve got to be sure you have the ingredients needed of course, but walking through a grocery store without a clear idea of why you’re there only spells trouble.

Cooking and inspiring others to think outside of the box when it comes to food makes me happy.  Since most don’t care to cook, think it’s too complicated or feel it’s a chore, as humans, we have to eat so why not put a positive spin on it?  Find ways to enjoy cooking, while also creating healthy dishes will not only enable you to live a longer, healthier life but will also keep your waistline trim.

Here are a few of my healthy cooking tips:

  1. Low sodium everything, whenever possible, read labels, choose a brand & stick to it.  This is especially important with chicken stock, being organic is a plus also.
  2. When a recipe calls for mayo or cream cheese (1/3 less fat), always use the reduced fat type.  You’ll still have plenty of flavor with less fat sticking to your hips.
  3. Don’t buy Fat Free anything, we know better than that now, it’s just full of extra sugar; which in itself will cause more harm than fat over time, such as diabetes.
  4. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!  In everything, all of the time!!  Choose your favorites & get comfortable grilling and roasting them, so delicious!
  5. Whole grain should be the only pasta or bread you will ever eat again, never buy another white piece of anything, it’s doing nothing for you but making you fat.
  6. Eat Quinoa!!!  Find out why here.
  7. Extra virgin olive oil and canola oils are the only two you should cook with, olive oil for flavor, canola for high cooking temps.
  8. Pick one night per week to be vegetarian!  Maybe a “meatless Monday”?
  9. Butter adds flavor and is needed for many recipes, but use the least amount possible, it goes a long way.
  10. Incorporate dark, leafy greens as much as possible for your health & to fill you up.
  11. Educate yourself on the latest foods that fight illnesses & make them a part of your weekly diet, not only will you be healthier, you’ll feel good about your decisions.

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