How to be happy; stop these 5 negative habits today

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Want to learn how to be happy?  So many believe “if I just had this one thing I’d be happy” when that type of thinking is actually only blocking their happiness. Most of the time, that “one thing” doesn’t work out and they’re left feeling lost, confused and even more unhappy. The good news is, YOU have control of your own happiness You can be happy, starting today, by stopping these 5 negative habits and making some simple changes in your life.

1.Stop comparing yourself to others.

If you’re constantly jealous of what other people have and you’re comparing your life to theirs, you are consciously putting yourself into a state of unhappiness. Since we are all unique in our own ways, it’s a complete waste of time to compare and wonder why we don’t have what they have. Instead, try living in place of gratitude for all of the blessings you do have, while also being supportive and happy for others.

2. Stop complaining & blaming external sources for your unhappiness.

Whether you dislike your job, don’t have enough money or are in a bad relationship, your happiness does not come from what surrounds you, it comes from within, a mindset and intension. You have the power to be happy and change the things in your life that bring you down, stop complaining and blaming them for your unhappiness.


3. Stop allowing stress & worry to control your mind.

Most of things that we stress or worry about never actually happen, so we waste valuable time while allowing negative thoughts to control our minds. Instead, talk yourself through it, remind yourself that everything is going to be ok, think positively and take action. If you’re worried about something, seek answers.  Be happy knowing knowlege is power.

4. Stop making excuses not to exercise.

The #1 excuse for lack of exercise is no time when everyone has at least a few minutes to move their body everyday. If you have time to watch a reality show, you have time to exercise. The benefit of making exercise a priority is it will make you feel happier. Exercise has a direct affect on the brain, it makes you happy, so find time for it often. Check out these at-home workouts everyone can fit into their life, here.

5. Stop the drama from entering your life.

Allowing other people’s drama into your daily life can be a serious downer, especially if they are practicing the 4 unhealthy habits above. You can’t fix others, especially if they are unwilling to make the changes needed within their own lives. Giving your time to listen and be there for your friends and family is a special quality, but be aware and protect yourself from the drama that continues on without resolution, it can be exhausting and will steal your own happiness.

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