Best healthy gifts for the yogi in your life

abestyogabagIt’s a festive, crazy busy time of year where everyone could benefit from a calming yoga practice. So who wouldn’t love a yoga gift, especially your favorite yogis? It might even be fun to introduce the practice of yoga to your friends and family with some of the best yoga gifts ever.

Best yoga bag.  Unlike no other, the ‘Have It All’ yoga tote bag from Baggallini (seen above) is designed to carry your mat and all of your gear in style.  Perfect for a yoga class, a workout at the gym or even a weekend getaway, the ‘Have It All’, does it all by carrying your stuff securely.  Learn more about the best yoga bag here.

avideosBest yoga DVDS.  These at-home yoga workouts are a no-brainer, the perfect yoga gift for anyone at any level and all under $12.  This is how I introduced myself to yoga, in the privacy of my own home and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Yoga is transforming and these DVDS are my absolute favorite, check them all out here.

hero-mat_3Best yoga mats.  Not only are these the most beautifully crafted yoga mats available today, they are also manufactured mindfully, without chemicals, making them healthy for yogis to use in addition to eco-friendly.  Available in a number of styles and color choices, there is no doubt that the best earth-friendly yoga mats will be a much loved holiday gift.  Learn more about all of these best yoga mats here.

Click picture to see full description and details.
Click picture to see full description and details.

Best meditation chair.  As we all know, meditation, proper breath, plays a large role in yoga and continues long after walking away from the mat.  The seagrass meditation chair stands alone in its beauty as a piece of art in the home, but in addition to being eye-catching, this chair was created by a long-time practitioner who knows exactly what is needed to find comfort while meditating, or just taking a few moments to breath.  Learn more about the best meditation chair here.

Best gift ever? Be present for your loved ones. Shut down your cell phone, turn off the television and disconnect from social media to be there to listen and engage with those whom you love. Be mindful, pay attention and give 100% of yourself in the present moment this holiday season.

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