5 reasons why working out at home is way better than the gym

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There is no better way to get fit, stay fit and live a healthier life than working out at home. With so little time each day, the convenience of at-home workouts is essential to busy schedules and making a workout happen. Adding in all of the time and money associated with the gym only makes of goal of exercise harder to reach. I workout at home nearly everyday, here are my 5 reasons why it’s way better than the gym.

Working out at home is more convenient. Exercise at or around your home can be at any time, squeezed into any schedule and is always at your fingertips. Plus you don’t have to work around the gyms hours or wait for a piece of equipment to become available.

Working out at home costs tremendously less than joining a gym. Buying a handful of the best workouts ever will cost your less than a month at the gym. Plus, you don’t have to drive and spend money on gas.

Working out at home doesn’t require finding someone to watch your kids. You can fit it in when they’re busy doing their own thing, during nap time, or they could even join you.

Working out at home doesn’t require looking a certain way to fit in with all the “gym-goers”.  You can just be yourself, and not have to worry about what others think.


Working out at home is healthier for you and your family because the gym is a breading ground for germs and infection. Sharing equipment and close quarters with others increases the chances of getting sick.

So what workouts could you being doing at home?

Check out my top 10 favorites here!

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