8 Foods you should never refrigerate

A food that should never be refrigerated.
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The refrigerator keeps food safe and fresh longer than it would survive outside of the cool temperatures, but it’s not meant for all edibles.  Turns out, cold is not suitable for everything, here are some foods you should never refrigerate.

  1. Potatoes should not go in the refrigerator because their starch breaks down and changes their taste.
  2. Onions, like potatoes, should be kept out of the frig because they dry out quickly even when wrapped well.
  3. Coffee should not go in the refrigerator because it absorbs the smells that surround.
  4. Tomatoes should NEVER go in the refrigerator because they will become mealy and completely lose their consistency.
  5. Hot sauce is a condiment that should stay away from the coldness, keep it in your cabinet with your seasonings to keep its flavor intact.
  6. Oils lose their consistency when refrigerated and will become more like butter.
  7. Honey will crystallize in the refrigerator, become hard an almost impossibe to use.
  8. Bread will lose its flavor in the refrigerator, freeze it if you’d like but otherwise plan to eat it up or make into breadcrumbs before it goes molds.

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