Create long lasting relationships; 3 character traits to look for

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Health and wellness isn’t just about eating right and exercising, it’s most importantly about how you feel, your thoughts and emotions within your mind and soul.  Wellness starts within you.  Are you happy?  Are you fulfilled? Being aware and mindful of who we surround ourselves with plays a major role in the happiness, or lack of, that we feel in our lives.

Whether you’re looking for romantic love or a deeply connected life-long friendship, when you find someone with these 3 essential character traits, hold on tight! These very special human beings are hard to find, but when they present themselves, the relationships that evolve can last a lifetime.

There’s no doubt that physical attraction plays a role in the connection of romantic relationships and even platonic friendships. How someone carries themselves; the way that they dress and even their smile can create an instant attraction. But ultimately, it’s character that speaks volumes and when aligned with our own, a life-long true relationship can occur.

Seek these 3 essential character traits for meaningful lasting relationships in your life.



This is my favorite trait because it says so much about a person and how they view life. Do they ask questions? Are they excited about the simple things? Do they see possibilities in every situation whether good or bad? Having wonder, wanting to learn more and seeking nonessential knowledge makes life much more interesting and doing this together with your partner or friend fulfills a relationship in an incredible way.


Having compassion for others, putting each other first and working hard to understand before judging is the root of being capable of a true relationship. Unselfish love only occurs when each person commits to one another in such a way they their own needs take a backseat and are only fulfilled when yours are. Your happiness must be their happiness. Anything other than this will not work for the long term, period.


I’ve been called an incurable optimist so I guess that is why I am drawn to optimism in such a big way. How we see the world, respond to hardships and challenges, speaks volumes of who we are at the core. Since your partner or friends have a direct influence on your worldview, it’s important that you both have this commonality and approach life with a glass half full philosophy. Our world is full disappointments, but it’s how we choose to view these challenges that shapes our life. Are we going to learn a meaningful lesson or are we going to allow a hardship to defeat us? A relationship consisting of two optimistic people is bound for success!

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