Eat chickpeas; best food for health and weight loss

Learn how to make homemade hummus here (click pic).
Learn how to make homemade hummus here (click pic).

When I was clueless about food and health, I used to skip the chickpeas at the salad bar. Mostly, I didn’t understand what they were and wasn’t willing to even try them.  But then I learned how healthy they are for us and once I tried them, I couldn’t believe that I’d been missing out on this delicious bean for so long.  Oh yes, did you know that chickpeas are actually beans?

So not only are these beans healthy for us to eat on so many levels, both cold in a hummus or cooked within countless meals, they can also help you lose and/or maintain your weight.  Chickpeas keep hunger in check because they are a high source of fiber and a slow digesting protein that keeps you feeling full longer.  They are also a great replacement for those unhealthy carbohydrates because they fulfill the craving and maintain blood sugar levels.

Chickpeas contain about 6 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein in a half of a cup and when eaten daily, you’ll find yourself feeling more satisfied and less hungry for unhealthy foods and snacks.  If you already love them, keep eating them often and if you haven’t given chickpeas a true chance yet, it’s time.  Happy healthy eating!

Try making my delicious homemade hummus, recipe is here.