20-minutes and done! Best quick full body workouts

Check out the 10 best most effective workout DVDS here (click pic).
Check out the 10 best most effective workout DVDS here (click pic).

NO TIME? Well, that is the #1 reason (or excuse) for those who say they can’t fit exercise into their busy lives.  Recent studies have shown that lengthy exercise is not necessary to lose weight and stay healthy.  Quick and effective workouts are all the rage nowadays.

There’s no doubt, we’re busier than ever, but now there’s no excuse because anyone can fit a 20-minute workout into their day without even leaving their home.  Keep in mind, it’s important that your shorter workouts pack a punch to make the most of your time.

The following 3 workouts are short, intense, and effective. All are about 20 minutes, and most can be modified for every fitness level.  Just remember, SOMETHING is better than NOTHING, even 1-minute.  Even if you just start one of these DVDS, you’re headed in the right direction.

akickKickbox Fastfix offers three 20-minute workouts to choose from and costs less than $10.  You don’t have to be fluent at kickboxing by any means, Jillian Michaels carefully walks you through every punch and kick leaving you sweaty and motivated to take on your day.  Check out Kickbox Fastfix here.


Click to learn more.Ripped in 30 is a favorite for anyone with little time, especially moms, because it offers four 24-minute full body effective workouts all on one DVD.  The workouts are challenging but Jillian Michaels always gives you alternative exercise options.  Alternate between all the workouts and watch your body change right before your eyes.  Check out Ripped in 30 here.

askinnygirlworkoutSkinnygirl Workout with Bethenny Frankel is one of my absolute favorites.  Not only will you get a full body workout through each carefully choreographed section, you will build muscle, become more focused and calm while also laughing a little bit, she’s quite funny and real.  You can choose between a 15-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute workout depending on how much time you have each day.  Check out the Skinnygirl workout here.

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