5 Surprising ways to live a longer happier life

Learn 10 foods you should be eating here (click pic).
Learn 10 foods you should be eating here (click pic).

You can integrate these 5 simple things starting today to not only change your life for the better and to feel happier, but to also add years on this earth.  You might already be doing some of these, but for others it may take a little work to make a part of your everyday life, but they’re all well worth the benefits.

  1. Be optimistic.  Some people are born with a naturally optimistic mind, seeing the good in everything that occurs in their life and are full of gratitude for what they are blessed with, while others have to work at it a bit.  The bottom line is stress and depression have a serious affect on the body, not only in how you look on the outside but also directly affecting the immune system, blood pressure and overall health.  If you’re struggling to find happiness, think positively and be optimistic, a continued yoga practice can help you tremendously, check out my favorite at home yoga workouts for all leveles here.
  2. Eat more nuts.  Did you know that consuming a palmful of nuts each day will enable you to live a longer life?  This goes for any kind of nut.  Eating 1 ounce of nuts 7 days per week reduces the likelihood of dying by 20%.  Also, studies how those who each nuts each day have a tendency to be slimmer.  Learn more about this here.
  3. Drink a little wine each day.  Yes, I said “little” because we all can have a tendency to push the limits with alcohol.  But studies have shown that drinking 20 grams of wine per day can extend your life expectancy.  It’s important to note that drinking more can potentially cause harm such as breast cancer.
  4. Sleep more.  With busy days upon us more often than ever, sleep gets put on the back burner more often than not.  Lack of sleep has a seriously negative affect on your health so getting at least 7 hours per night is essential.  Learn more about the importance of sleep here.
  5. Sit less.  As a nation, we often sit more than we should whether it be at work or in front of the television too much.  Standing actually increses longevity so if you are required to sit for long periods of time each day, make the effort to get up as often as you can even if it’s just to do a lap around the office.

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