Best healthy gift ideas for your Valentine

In our life, everyday should be like Valentine’s Day so when the holiday comes around each year we kind of chuckle, but at the same time we take a moment to give each other a little extra special attention.  At Skinny Healthy Girl, we’re all about healthy acts of love and kindness everyday and we certainly don’t skip a beat on special holidays.

Here are our best healthy Valentine’s Day gifts ideas

Massage is not only romantic and sexy, especially when given by your partner, but it’s also incredibly healthy for your mind and body on so many levels that some health insurance companies are now starting to cover it as a benefit.  The list of physical and emotional benefits massage offers is endless.  From improved circulation, flexibility, and posture to lowered blood pressure, strengthened immune system and relief of stress, massage is one of the healthiest gifts you can give and receive everyday of the year.  I’m very lucky to have a husband who gives the best massages on the planet, but if you or your love don’t have that special talent give the gift of a professional, it will be greatly appreciated.

Yoga has been embraced in such an incredible way especially over the past few years. Everybody is curious about yoga even if they’ve never practiced.  Whether your Valentine has already embraced yoga or is something you think he or she would like to try, earth-friendly yoga mats are not only the healthiest way to breathe through a practice, they are beautiful to look at.  Pair one of these mats with the new MZ Wallace Metro Yoga Bag and your Valentine blow away.  The stylish bag stands out in a crowd, is has extra space for wider longer mats and space for your extras, check it out here.

Food is the way to anyone’s heart, make it healthy and really impress.  Cooking, or even attempting to cook, is incredibly sexy to watch and the effort is always appreciated.  One of the best healthiest and easiest meals you can make your Valentine any day is a roasted chicken.  Not only is it easy, especially with your healthy cooking tools, you’ll have extra time to sip on some wine and snuggle on the sofa while it roasts in the oven.  Your home will fill with the delicious aroma of roasting chicken and vegetables, there’s nothing better than that.  One of my favorite roasted chicken recipes from Ina Garten is here.

Sleep is health, period.  Feeling rested transforms your mood, affects how you look and most importantly the function of your body.  So making the bedroom more desirable is not only a healthy thing to do but is also a romantic thoughful gesure on Valentine’s Day.  Consider buying your partner luxuriously soft bed sheets that will entice him or her to get more sleep and maybe also cuddle a little longer.

Meditation will ensure better sleep if the extra soft sheets don’t do the trick. So many are afraid of the idea of meditation believing it’s some sort of mumbo jumbo when it’s actually a life-changing practice for both you and your partner. There’s no better way to encourage meditation than with gifting the best meditation chair.  The seagrass meditation chair is our favorite, not only is it a beautiful piece for the home, your Valentine will appreciate the gesture immensely especially after using it.  Check out this very special meditation chair here.

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