Quick fun ways to burn 100 calories

Here are 7 more workouts that work; click pic.

Who says exercise has to be boring?  No matter how busy you might be, you always have the time to burn a quick 100 calories! Even 1 minute of exercise is better than nothing.  Moving your body in some way, everyday is not only going to help you look fit, it’s most importantly going to make you feel better mentally, on so many levels from confidence to overall feelings of happiness. So let’s do this!

Here are 10 more quick ways to burn 100 calories.

15 minutes of dancing like nobody’s watching

9 minutes of jumping rope

6 minutes of running up and down the stairs

23 minutes of casual biking

20 minutes of yoga; try this one here

15 minutes of snow shoveling

9 minutes of running at a pace of 6 miles per hour

15 minutes of consistent weigh training

13 minutes of rowing on a machine or in a canoe or kyack

20 minutes of walking at 3 miles per hour

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