Why you should bring your own yoga mat to class

Check out some of our favorite earth-friendly high quality yoga mats here (click pic).
Check out some of our favorite yoga mats here (click pic).

There’s a reason why you see people toting their yoga mats around everywhere, it’s an incredible workout for both the mind and body.  But also, once you’ve found and connected to your own yoga mat, you don’t want to be without it, especially when going to a class.  Yes, the gym or studio will probably have mats available for you, but it’s best to bring your own yoga mat to class, here’s why.


The #1 reason why you should bring your own yoga mat to class is for hygiene purposes. There is a lot of sweating and contact with the mat with the hands, feet, breath, face, and it’s in your best interest to not share potential germs.  In addition, scent can play a role and get in the way of your concentration so it’s best to stick with your own.


Finding the right mat, testing it at home and becoming comfortable with it helps tremendously with your practice.  Why have to take that extra step of getting to know a new mat when you’re just about to take a yoga class?  Plus, having to clean or think about the previous practitioner that used the mat is not where you want your mind to be.


Your own mat will become the most important tool for your practice and with every class that you take, you’ll generate positive energy into your platform.  After numerous practices, you’re going to want to take your mat and what it represents to you with you everywhere you go.  Energy plays a very big role in yoga practice, keep yours within your own mat.

Affordable high quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic yoga mats are readily available nowadays, here’s a few of our favorites that ship for free here.

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