Is there a healthy frozen pizza? Yes! Smart Flour Foods has created one

apizzaWhen it comes to healthy eating it’s rare to ever include pizza in the equation because most often it’s thought to be not good for you.  But, as a big believer in moderation I often eat pizza and try to sure it’s covered with lots of toppings like broccoli, arugula, mushrooms and peppers to be sure to keep it as healthy as possible.  Well, I have found a company who does all of the work for you as they have created an extremely healthy pizza that actually tastes really good.


Smart Flour Foods has a unique yet delicious pizza that is certified gluten free, made with ancient grains and is free of egg, soy and rice.  Even if you’re not gluten free yourself, it doesn’t hurt to go without it every once in a while, it’s actually quite healthy.

The ancient grains blend provides vitamins and minerals that are usually missing from gluten free foods.  The cheese even comes from antibiotic free cows and the pizza offers 9 grams or more of whole grains per serving.

I tried their most famous uncured vegetarian-fed, no antibiotic pepperoni style pizza and it was to die for!  I couldn’t believe how tasty something so healthy could be.  Looking forward to the margherita style next!  Learn more about Smart Flour Foods Pizza and where to buy them here.

Recommended by Skinny Healthy Girl:

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