Natural ways to achieve beautiful skin inside and out

Learn about 5 other healthy foods here.
Learn about 5 other healthy foods here.

We are bombarded daily with endless products and quick fixes as we continue on our pursuit to achieve beautiful skin.  But what many of us, including myself, didn’t realize until recently is that beautiful skin isn’t what’s in our makeup cases, it’s what is within our diets.

Water intake is one of the most important things you can do for your body and that will ultimately affect the way your skin looks.  Anything dehydrated is going to look that way, dry, wrinkled and saggy, so consuming the amount of water that you body needs each day will most definetely help in achieving beautiful skin.  Find out how much water you should personally be drinking each day here.

Healthy fats and superfoods have a direct affect skin and hair so what you put into your body is ultimately going to affect your skin.  It all goes back to the famous saying, “you are what you eat” and it’s incredibly true.  Being aware, mindful and planning what foods you are going to eat each day will not play in role in keeping you looking beautiful, it will keep you healthy.  Here are some foods you should be eating each day to do both.

  1. Avocados are healthy fat and any type of fat is going to plump your skin enabling you to keep that young complextion.  The list of benefits avocados offer is endless, read more about them here.
  2. Blueberries protect the skin from premature aging and are also ranked the number one antioxidant that you can consume for your skin and body.  Blueberries are also known to fight wrinkles…gosh I hope that’s true!
  3. Bone broth has become part of the conversation lately because of the protein, good fats and collagen packed into it.  Drinking a cup of chicken bone broth each day will have a tremendous impact on your skin.
  4. Oily fish such as salmon is another healthy fat that your skin loves.  Eating wild salmon at least once per week will keep your skin glowing and looking beautiful all year round.
  5. Nuts will not only enable you to maintain beautiful skin, they will also help you live longer.  Eating an ounce, or a palmful of nuts each day has incredible benefits, learn more about this here.

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