Simple rules for living a healthier life

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IMG_5749Want to look and feel healthier?  Did you know that physical health has a direct affect on your mental health?  It’s simple, feeling good about yourself, who you are, the choices that you make, while appreciating your physical qualities affects your mind greatly.

Here are some simple rules for living a healthier life.

  1. Eat less sugar, eat more fruits.
  2. Worry less, sleep more.
  3. Drink less soda, consume way more water (learn exactly how much here).
  4. Eat less meat, eat more vegetables.
  5. Drive less, walk more.
  6. Speak less, take more action.
  7. Drink less alcohol, drink more green tea (learn why here).
  8. Forget the negative, focus on the positive.
  9. Worry less, sleep more.

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