Best healthy breakfast for weight loss

Learn how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs here (click pic).
Learn how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs here (click pic).

There was a time when we were incorrectly informed that eggs were bad for us and if we were to eat them, it should only be the white part.  Over the past few years, research has shown differently; not only are eggs good for us, but also we should be eating the whole nutrient-full yolk too.  Turns out one large-sized egg contains 6 grams of protein, 4.5 grams of fat, 70 calories and only 1 carbohydrate.

I know many of you have a difficult time fitting in breakfast in the morning, or aren’t even really hungry and just settle for a cup of coffee.  But there is no denying how beneficial it is for our bodies and brains to eat a morning meal.  Not only will it help you focus and be able to concentrate more, it will set you on a healthy-eating path throughout the day.

If you can only fit in a hard-boiled egg as you run out the door; which you can learn how to cook perfectly here, it’s one of the best foods to eat in the morning.  But here is my choice; the best healthy breakfast for weight loss.

Choose a whole grain bread, my absolute favorite is Eureka Seeds of the Day, it’s yummy and organic, so healthy for you.  Toast one or two slices, top with 1/4 of a avocado (versus any type of butter or margarine), sprinkle with a little sea salt and finish it off with chopped arugula or another green of your choice, serve alongside your perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg.  Not only is this best breakfast delicious, it will keep you full until lunchtime because it’s chock-full of proteins.

Learn how to cook those perfectly hard-boiled eggs here.