Have a Winter gut? Want a Summer butt? Here’s how.

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It’s Springtime and Summer is right around the corner, so there’s still time to turn that Winter gut around and get a Summer butt in no time!  How?  Of course, it all starts with food choices before anything else.  Making the committment to eat low fat protein and tons of vegetables at every meal will have an immediate impact on your body.  But if you truly want to tone that gut and butt into something you’ll be proud of, here’s how you do it.

Plan on moving your body for at least 20-minutes 5-days per week.  Three of these days should include breaking a sweat to burn fat, where the other two should focus on toning and tightening those gut and butt muscles.  Because let’s face it, you can lose weight when you eat healthy, but nothing is going to burn the fat or strengthen and tone muscles like exercise.  Interchange the following 5 workouts and within a couple week you’ll start to see incredible results that will motivate you to keep moving.

IMG_4969Extreme Shed and Shred from Jillian Michaels is a total body fat-blasting workout that will get you shredded fast.  The DVD offers 2 workout circuit-training options, both about 40-minutes in length.  I start my week out with these workouts to get my first cardiovascular exercise going after the weekend.  What I love best about these programs is they include everything from strength-training to yoga poses for a true full-body workout.


aphysPhysique 57 Thigh and Seat Booster is next because it focuses on toning and tightening the butt unlike any other exercise program.  This 30-minute workout will also incorporate some push-ups and abdominals.  One of my favorite all time workouts that I will do for the rest of my life, because I tell when I haven’t.


akickKickbox FastFix is my Wednesday cardio workout because it offers three 20-minute cardio-blasting programs with incredible results.  Not only will you break a sweat, the exercises will transform your lower body and sculpt your abdominals without having to think about it because it’s all tied into the workouts.



ayYogalosophy is a MUST within my Thursday schedule because not only is yoga essential to longevity, flexability and strength, this particular hybrid practice incorporates toning exercises for the entire body.  There’s a reason why it’s Jennifer Aniston’s favorite workout!



Click to learn more.Ripped in 30 is my Friday morning cardio blast before heading into the weekend because it offers four 24-minute workout options that also include strength and abdominals.  You’ll feel proud of yourself after completing these workouts because they’re tough, but the good news is their quick so anyone can squeeze them into a busy schedule.


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