Yoga and weight loss; you have the power

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There’s a false belief that yoga isn’t exercise but rather a way to relax, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yoga not only strengthens the body while shedding pounds, it also has a direct affect on the mind and how we think about everything, including food. Yoga will diminish your desire to eat unhealthy foods because it promotes the brain to make wiser choices; which plays a role with overall weight loss. Yoga can rewire your brain and how you eat.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, strengthen and tone your body or just lead a healthier lifestyle, yoga is essential. Integrating yoga into your schedule two to three times a week will transform your life in endless ways, one of those is becoming more mindful with food choices. Once you’ve connected your mind and body through movement with yoga, it stays with you long after walking away from your mat.

It’s not easy to explain why or how this happens, it just does.  Yoga encourages you to be more in tune with your body, and once you start practicing this occurs very quickly. You’ll find yourself seeing the world through a more positive lens, in a calmer, more careful, thoughtful way.  Want to transform your mind, body and soul?  Practice yoga.  Here are my three favorite home practices to get you started.

Skinnygirl Yoga gives you options depending on how much time you have along with Bethenny Frankel’s humor, but will take you through a head to toe practice that you’ll feel the next day.
askinnygirlworkoutYogalosophy is a hybrid yoga practice that combines traditional yoga poses with toning exercises that will transform your body while calming your mind through the uplifting teachings of Mandy Ingber.ayYoga for Strength and Flexibility with Ashley Turner is one of the most invigorating at-home practices you’ll ever experience.  She not only offers two solid yoga practices, in 30-minutes time, Ashley has a direct affect on your mind, body and spirit.ayogaforstrength

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