5 Reasons men should do yoga; roll out your mats gentlemen

Check out this cool eco-friendly yoga mat here (click pic).
Check out this cool eco-friendly yoga mat here (click pic).

Yoga isn’t just for women by any means; men benefit from a regular practice both on and off the mat.  While most men believe they “aren’t flexible enough” to practice yoga; the truth is, with a steady dedication, the body will become more open than it’s ever been.  My husband practices yoga a few times per week and wouldn’t give it up for the world.  Here’s why.

1. Yoga improves your health both mentally and physically.

Through breath and improved flexibility, yoga enables you to approach each day prepared for anything that would have normally thrown you off.  When your mind is calm, you won’t find yourself overreacting and when your body is flexible there’s much less of a chance of injury throughout the day.

2. Yoga strengthens your body from head to toe.

All of your muscles are worked during a yoga practice because your using your own body weight to hold and move through each pose.  Yoga tones and strengthens muscles you didn’t even realize you had without the use of weights.  The more that you practice, the stronger and leaner you will become.

3. Yoga reduces pain and injury.

Often, men come to yoga because of pain or injury and quickly realize how essential it is to their lives long after the pain has alleviated.  Whether it’s their back, knees or joint pain, the controlled movements and postures of yoga expertly align the body to reduce inflammation and minimize future injury.  Yoga will keep you young without all of the aches and pains brought on by age.

4. Yoga will improve your diet.

With a continued yoga practice you will find yourself naturally shifting your diet and making better, healthier food choices.  Yoga diminishes the desire to eat unhealthy foods.  Yoga has such a direct positive impact on your brain that the last thing you’re going to want to do is eat a burger after practicing.  Yoga trains your mind to want to make healthy choices for yourself because food has a direct impact on how you feel and look.  Learn more about yoga and weight loss here.

5. Yoga will improve your sleep.

Yoga requires focus during practice; which enables your mind to release all of the “stuff” going on in your life, to release stress and let go. The bonus is that feeling stays with you long after you walk away from your mat, improving your sleep by allowing your mind to relax.  Some yoga breath before bed each night will enhance this feeling.


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