What You Can When You Can; Healthy Living on Your Terms

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Learn how to live a life of doing what you can when you can here; click pic.
Learn how to live a life of doing what you can when you can here; click pic.

#WYCWYC=What You Can When You Can

When your “to do” list is so long that you think it’s impossible to fit exercise into your day, there are actually some sneaky ways to squeeze it in even when you have no time.  Keep in mind, exercise will not only enable you to lose weight and be more healthy overall, research has shown that it also helps to alleviate stress and boost happiness; which we all could use especially when there’s too much on our plates.  Here are some tips to fit in exercise when you truly have zero time.

Use that wait time wisely.

Let’s face it, we wait for something everyday, whether it be our coffee, a red light or for the water to get hot before showering; use that time wisely to challenge yourself to do 10 butt squeezes, 8 push ups or hold in your abdominals from your belly button while waiting, it will pay off over time.

Take your pocketbook everywhere.


Most of us ladies have so much stuff in our pocketbooks they could double as a 10 pound weight.  Use that extra weight as a strengthening tool by removing from your shoulder; which is only causing strain, and hold in on your lower arm while doing 10 bicep moves on each side.

Stand up more.

Did you know that standing more throughout the day is actually more beneficial than trying to fit in a short workout?  We have a tendency to sit far too much from our commute to sitting at a desk all day; which negatively affects our health in numerous ways.  Instead, stand up more when you can and burn more calories while you’re at it.

No more shortcuts.

Since you didn’t have time to workout today, stop looking for that close parking spot and instead park as far away as you can to make yourself walk, or even jog, into the store.  If there’s a longer way to to where you are going, take it, you’ll feel better at the end of the day knowing you did something healthy for yourself.

Move when you brush.

There’s no better time to move your body each day than when brushing your teeth.  Think about it, since we generally brush twice a day, you can do squats in the morning and leg lifts at night throughout your entire teeth cleansing.  You won’t believe the impact these little exercise moves will have on your mind and body.

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