Should you eat before exercising?

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Learn best foods to eat before/after a workout (click pic).

Your stomach feels empty and you want to crush your workout today, but you aren’t sure if eating something is going to make you feel sick.  Should you eat before exercising?

It depends, because every person and every workout is different.

There’s no doubt that diving into an intense workout with a full stomach can have a negative affect such as an upset nausea, acid reflux and even potential vomiting.  So what should you do?

To ensure your body has the energy to endure any challenging workout such as jogging, a lengthy bike ride or even an intense yoga class, be sure to eat something, about the size of your palm, consisting of 100-200 calories, 1-2 hours beforehand, giving your body an opportunity to digest.

A palmful of nuts is always an easy, healthy choice, a hard-boiled egg or low-fat yogurt can also give you the energy that you need to have a successful workout.  Since every “body” is different, you’ll need to test foods out to see what is best for you.  But be sure to pair whatever food you choose with at least one glass of water to stay hydrated.


Once you’ve exerted yourself, a post-workout meal that includes protein, vegetables and a whole-grain carbohydrate is very important to help your body recover and minimize muscle damage.  Also be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day to remain hydrated and keep hunger in check.



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