Water and weight loss; is there a direct link?

Learn how much water you should be drinking each day (click pic).

With so much information out there about water these days it can get confusing of how much you should be drinking, when you should be drinking and does it really have a direct affect on your weight?  It’s essential to your health to ensure you stay hydrated at all times, but most especially in the warmer months.  But a new study has found a relationship between dehydration and obesity.

“We found that U.S. adults who are inadequately hydrated had higher BMIs (body mass indexes) than people who are adequately hydrated,” explained Dr. Tammy Chang, an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan and an author of the study, to the Today Show.

The study focused on the concentration of urine and then compared that to BMI to measure each participants body fat based on their height and weight, finding those who were dehydrated had higher body mass indexes.  Although this is not 100% proof that drinking water has a direct affect on weight, the study does find hydration is without a doubt associated with better health as a whole.

So what is the best test to know if you’re properly hydrated?  Look at the color of your urine and if it’s dark, you need more water, but if it’s light like the color of the water you’re drinking itself, then you’re properly hydrated.  When it comes to weight loss, it’s never just one thing that’s going to keep you slim.  Combining healthy food choices, exercise and water is your best bet to weight loss success.

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