3 ways to get excited & stay motivated to workout

mizunorunWhether you are just starting to workout or have been exercising for years, it can be very difficult to stay motivated each day. Even with the best intentions, there’s no doubt, exercise can be boring and that might be the biggest reason why interest is lost especially if you are doing the same form of movement each day.  Finding inspiration from friends, an article on a blog like this one or from someone you may look up to, can most certainly keep you energized.  Here are 3 more ways to get excited and stay motivated to workout.

Buy a new exercise DVD or sign up for a workout class. 

There are some fantastic exercise DVD’s becoming available everyday and the bigger your library is the more options you will have.  Working out at home is convenient, will fit into any schedule and can be just as rewarding as going to the gym.  The day you wake up to a new workout is pretty exciting and motivating in itself; the newness will keep your interest throughout the entire routine.  At the same time, maybe an exercise class outside of your home is more motivating for you or a great combination with your workouts at home.  Take a look at the newspaper and talk to friends to see what is being offered around town.

Plan to give yourself a daily reward for your hard work. 

This is a very motivating way to ensure a workout because who doesn’t like to be awarded for good behavior? It can be anything but should stay within limits of good health so you won’t feel deflated afterwards.  You could give back to yourself with a glass of wine at the end of the day or a ½ cup of low fat ice cream.  Choose something special that doesn’t undo your all of your efforts, but balances out your life with some joy.

Schedule your exercise on the calendar each week. 

Having your workouts planned and written out in front of your eyes is not only one of the best ways to commit, but it also saves time each day that you plan to exercise.  Think about changing up how you’re going to move each day so you don’t get bored and your body continues to respond and change through muscle confusion.  Doing the same exercise each day will only plateau your body shape, so consider doing a cardiovascular workout every other day and sculpting workouts like Yogalosophy and Physique 57 in between.

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