4 great ways to get your friends into yoga

Check out this yoga workout here (click pic).

Are you tired of being teased by your friends for being “into yoga”?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend go to a class with you?  If you’re reading this, you know first hand how yoga can improve your physique, relieve stress and help find contentment within.  But how do you convince your friends that they too can live in a positive state of well-being?  Here are 5 great ways to get your friends into yoga.

Give the gift of yoga.

This is one of the easiest ways to persuade a friend to try yoga.  Giving the gift of yoga, like one of the best yoga DVDS (that you see above) and a fun patterned yoga mat for their birthday will really make an impact.  There is never a better time to look within yourself and make positive changes in your life than on a celebration holiday like a birthday.  Once they lay out the mat and try the yoga workout, there’s no turning back, they’ll be hooked.

Give and you will receive.

Make a deal.  Tell your friend that if he or she goes to a yoga class or just tries it out at home with yo,u that you will do something for them in return.  Because that’s how friendships work, right?  Maybe they are into something that you would never consider trying like a pole dancing class.  Giving each other’s interests a chance will not only enhance your life but also your friendship.

Introduce home practice.

So many think that you have to go to yoga class to do yoga.  If the idea of going to a yoga class is too intimidating for your friend, offer to do a home practice with her.  Bring over your favorite yoga DVDS, let her borrow a couple and see what happens.  There’s no better way to give yoga a try and get comfortable with your body than in the privacy of your own home.

Break into pose.

The next time you’re having a glass of wine with your girlfriend at your house, spontaneously do a downward facing dog during your conversation and ask her to try it with you.  She’ll probably think you’re so funny that she might even give it a whirl and get hooked.

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