Want to live longer? Here’s how to add years to your life

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Whether you’re in your 20’s or half way through your 60’s, everybody want to live the longest healthiest life that they can.  I know that I do.  It’s interesting that even with all of the proven mental and physical benefits how many people still judge and tend to stereotype yoga as some type of mumbo jumbo practice.  Every human being, no matter how old or young, should consider making yoga a part of their lifestyle because it provides a complete wellness that we all should experience.  A continued committed practice of yoga not only increases your quality of life, but can also add years onto it.

Here are 3 ways yoga can extend your life.

Become stronger.

Because it is a full body workout, the practice of yoga increases muscle mass and strengthens from head to toe with each and every workout.  With the additional body strength the bones will also become stronger.  This is because they will retain more calcium and therefore provide greater flexibility, which is essential for a longer life.  Bone density, especially for women, can be a serious issue but yoga can help fight that ailment from the start of your continued practice.

Relieve stress.


The mind body connection is no joke.  Not only will yoga strengthen the body, but it also calms and quiets the mind.  Stress can take years off of your life by negatively affecting your health, but practicing yoga reduces this underlying condition, which can be the cause of many diseases.  Living with less tension will lower the blood pressure, decrease stress hormones and allow you to live with a more positive outlook on life.  In addition, did you know that yoga also helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

A flexible spine keeps you young.

An obvious sign of aging is a person who is unable to pick something up off of the floor without moaning and groaning.  As the body ages it becomes less flexible which can cause pain or injury.  Yoga not only strengthens the muscles and bones, it also stretches the entire body and improves mobility.  Even inflexible people can practice yoga and experience improved pliancy over time.

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