4 Reasons why you should do a barre workout

Learn more about Physique 57 here (click pic).
Learn more about Physique 57 here (click pic).

Yes, there are so many fitness trends nowadays, but the barre workout stands on its own because of its connection back to ballet; one of the most effective way to sculpt and tone your body.  But why has the barre workout become so popular with over 700 studios opening up across the country and numerous phenomenal DVD workouts being offered?  Here’s 4 reasons why you should be doing the barre workout.

  1. Barre is incredibly effective in shaping and sculpting the body from head to toe.  Sure, you can go running or take a spin class and burn a ton of calories, but if you really want your body to have the shape of toned arms, a lifted butt and sculpted legs, barre is the way to get it.
  2. Barre is available everywhere, and if you can’t make it to an in studio class, most also offer classes online; which truly is the best way to understand the fundamentals of barre.  But truly, in my humble opinion, my favorite way to do a barre workout is on my own schedule with the Physique 57 DVD series; which you can check out here.
  3. Barre creates long, lean muscles that look gorgeous.  With a consistent commitment to barre, you will have the confidence to wear skinny jeans and tube tops for the rest of your life, no joke.  With barre, there’s no bulking of muscles like other types of workouts.  Instead, you work muscles to complete exhaustion and then stretch those same muscles fully before continuing onto another body part.  It’s pretty amazing.
  4. Barre offers a variety of different workouts options.  You’ll also need something to hold onto to, like a ballet barre in class or a chair at home, a playground ball for toning and a set a free weights for strength, but there’s now different types of workouts being offered. You can try a Pilates inspired barre, a cardio barre or even a yoga barre exercise routine.

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