Be aware! 3 foods that can cause body odor

Learn how to make broccoli cauliflower bake here.
Learn how to make delicious broccoli cauliflower bake here (click pic).

When it comes to odor and the people that surround us, we tend to be most concerned with our breath, but there are also certain foods that can unknowingly cause major body odor out of our pores.  Don’t let this embarrassing food-related body odor happen to you.  Here’s 3 foods to be aware of before your next meal.


Meat is satisfying and will keep you feeling fuller longer, but because it takes longer to digest than most foods, it decays along the way through your body and can cause body odor and bad breath.  While digesting, meat leaves a residue within your intestines that mixes with bacteria in your skin so when you sweat your body odor strengthens.


Known to be one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat, also known as one of the best foods to speed up the metabolism, broccoli contains sulfur; which when broken down during digestions tends to smell.  Cauliflower and cabbage have the same affect.  The compounds contained in these vegetables absorb into the body and secrete through sweat within an hour of eating them and continues for up to six hours following.


Although, not a food, most people don’t realize that drinking a simple pint of cold beer on a hot summer day can cause the people that surround you to hold their noses.  Alcohol is a toxin to the body and as soon as it is consumed your internal organs go into overdrive to pump it out, digesting it as quickly as possible.  Whatever is not excreted through urine, is pushed through your breath and pores, causing a nasty odor that others will smell where you will not.  Be aware!

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