Best 3 ways to fight belly fat; get a toned strong core

Check out my favorite flat belly workouts here (click pic).
Check out my favorite flat belly workouts here (click pic).

Did you know that both men and women choose the belly as their least favorite body part? That makes sense since it is a problem area for both sexes and can be a difficult area to strengthen and keep toned. The belly is the first place our eyes go to when someone takes off his or her clothes, even more than the butt. It seems as if the abdomen is toned and strong, it gives the illusion that we’re in shape overall.  Well, that is actually true.

The middle of the body is a detector of health. If this area is flabby or sticks out beyond the heart, your health could be at risk. The fat in your center is a type that lurks deep within the abdomen and surrounds your organs; which can produce hormones that increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Having a strong core is important for your confidence, but even more so for your overall health. Here are the best 3 ways to fight belly fat and get a toned strong core.


Staying in tune with your body and realizing when you need to take a break for yourself is essential in fighting belly fat. Stress and anxiety have a tendency to raise insulin levels and cause you to eat foods that are high in fat and sugar, both of which play a part in belly bulge. A great way to release the stresses of the day while also strengthening your core is through the practice of yoga; check out my favorite yoga DVDS for all levels here.

Eat beans.

Whether it’s black beans, lentils or kidney beans, include them within your diet regimen. They are full of soluble fiber that has been known to reduce the deep belly fat that accumulates in your mid-section. The more beans you eat the better, up to 10 grams per day is best. Not sure how to incorporate beans into your diet, try my health delicious bean dip, get the recipe here. Other good fiber sources are brussels sprouts, oranges and sweet potatoes.

Do aerobic exercise.

A high intensity fat burning workout does wonders for your belly bulge even more so than crunches or resistance training because it targets the deep fat. It’s also important to do traditional abdominal exercises but keep in mind those moves only work the layer just under the skin. You have to burn the deep fat first. Need some quick effective fat burning workout DVDS to try; check out my favorites here.

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