Sleep and sugar; negative affects of what you eat

Learn more about sugar & your body here.
Learn more about sugar & your body here (click pic).

We now know that sleep is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle with the average adult needing at least 7 solid hours each night to feel their best.  But unfortunately, achieving this goal can be extremely difficult for many of us and we have a tendency to disregard it, but it could actually be our bad habits that’s negatively affecting our sleep.

We all have good intentions to get to bed early, but when it comes time to get in bed, it can be difficult to settle down and fall asleep.  Having too much energy at night could be caused by eating too close to bedtime.  One of the biggest culprits causing us to struggle to sleep is sugarit causes blood sugar levels to climb and then quickly fall, with this swing in hormones impairing our sleep.  This is especially concerning for those with diabetes.

What you choose to eat throughout the day and into the evening has a direct affect on your sleep patterns because proper blood sugar levels enable the body to relax, be calm and allow you to get your required 7 hours.  Eating too close to bedtime, especially sugary foods like candy, soda and ice cream will not only disrupt your sleep, but can also cause you to have nightmares.  Also be careful of having an afternoon coffee, anything past 3pm can also negatively affect your sleep.

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep too often, consider what you’re consuming all day and night as a possible culprit. In addition to that, you may also want to consider the best ways to get a better night’s sleep naturally; check these out here.

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