Exercise advice for people who hate working out

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The truth is very few people like to workout. Those who have surrendered to exercise know that it’s nonnegotiable when it comes to their health. But in addition to that, exercisers look and feel so fantastic after each workout that it’s hard it give up that uplifting brain boost so it naturally becomes a part of their lifestyle.

There are two considerations to take into account when it comes to not liking exercise. The first is to remember that there is always a way around every roadblock to get your body moving each day. And the second is the hardest part; which is making the commitment to exercise for life. Once you do and reap the benefits there’s no looking back.

Here are the top three reasons why people hate working out and how to get around them.

Exercise is repetitive and boring.

Yes, this can certainly be true if you’re doing the same type of exercise each day. So often people get stuck on one type of a workout for a while, get bored with it and stop exercising. The key to keeping your workouts fun is to change them up daily by trying everything from kickboxing to Yogalosophy. Not only will rotation keep exercise from being repetitious, muscle confusion is what’s best for your body. They these best workout DVD’s.

Exercise is time-consuming.

This is probably the number one reason why people hate to workout. No one thinks they have the time and when they do they don’t want to spend it doing something that they don’t enjoy. The good news is recent studies show lengthy exercise is not necessary. Just 30-minutes a day, 5 days per week is sufficient. There are a number of time-efficient quality workout DVD’s available today that can fit into anybody’s schedule, see them here.

Exercise is uncomfortable (it hurts).

Well, the short answer to this reason for hating exercise is change doesn’t happen unless you get uncomfortable. Every workout you do should cause a burn and require you to breath harder or it just isn’t working. A helpful tip to remember when experiencing discomfort when exercising is to tell yourself; “change is happening right now”. If you think this thought and embrace it will give you the motivation to keep going.  And once you see the incredible life-changing results, you won’t ever want to give them up.

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