Eat More Garlic; 10 healthy benefits

Gorgeous & Delicious Roasted Garlic, so yummy.
Gorgeous & Delicious Roasted Garlic, so yummy.

For me, garlic goes in just about everything that I make from stews, every chicken dish and even my fresh guacamole.  It not only adds a ton of flavor to food; its health benefits just continue to grow.  Whether you eat it raw or cooked, consider including garlic when preparing any dish.

Here’s 10 health benefits of eating garlic.

Garlic treats coughs.

Garlic cures toothaches.

Garlic reduces weight.

Garlic combats allergies.

Garlic aids digestion.

Garlic lowers cholesterol levels.

Garlic reduces arthritis pain.

Garlic lowers your body’s sugar level.

Garlic fights cancer.

Garlic prevents hypertension.

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