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Learn how to be happy; stop these 5 negative habits (click picture to learn more.)

Are you in a slump?  Being stuck in a routine and a busy schedule can not only be exhausting, it can also unintentionally negatively transform your outlook on life and how you perceive yourself.  Staying within this unhealthy space can steal years of happiness from your life.  But there are ways that you can empower yourself today, improve your self-esteem and positively affect and improve your outlook on life, here’s four ways to do that right now.

Make peace a priority.

Being angry, allowing yourself to get upset or worrying about things you have no control over is wasted valuable time.  Make a commitment to yourself that peace is your priority and stop allowing negativity to seep into your life.  When you start to feel it approach, breathe, be the optimist and move onto a positive thought.  With practice, you’ll be surprised how good you will become at this.

Be thankful.

We all have blessings and things to be grateful and thankful for that if were taken away today would break our hearts.  But we have a tendency to focus on things we don’t have versus all that we do have; which only brings on negative thoughts. Instead of comparing yourself to others, because that will only bring you down, focus on what you’re thankful for and remind yourself of why you are unique and special to this world.


Your power is you.

Believing in yourself, even in the most challenging times, will take you farther faster than allowing anyone else to decide your worth.  Always remember, your power is you because there is not another you on this earth, and that makes you special in so many ways.  Your happiness lies within you, not what another might think of you, so don’t let what others say about you distort your view of yourself.

Give to others.

Constantly loathing and buying into self-pity will only bring more negativity into your life and will cripple you if you allow it. Stop focusing so much on yourself and give to others.  Offering help, being there for a friend or giving your time to those who might need you will lift you up and make you feel happier.  Trade grumbling for gratitude, and complaining for thankfulness, everybody has something to feel happy about.

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Learn how to be happy; stop these 5 negative habits today.

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