Women share their best successful weight loss tips ever


When it comes to weight loss, there’s nothing better than learning from others success.  I’ve collected 8 of the best successful weight loss advice tips from women who’ve achieved their goals to drop the pounds for good and live a healthier life.

Plan your workouts on your calendar like you do appointments.

It’s been said, if you write it down there’s a much better chance of it actually occurring and that especially goes for exercise. Every Sunday, as your plan out your week of appointments and where you’re expected to be, write down what workout you will be able to fit in each day.  When you have the exercise planned, you will hold yourself accountable to achieve the goal.

Fill your plate with 50% vegetables.

Choose your favorite vegetables, cook them to your liking and be sure they cover 50% of your plate at every meal.  It’s much more beneficial to your weight and your health to eat vegetables over meat or grains, although those can be the other 50% (25% each).  Learn the most protein-packed vegetables here.

Treat yourself from time to time.

Because deprivation will only lead to falling off of the healthy eating wagon, treat yourself with a favorite snack or dessert from time to time.  What does that mean?  Choose a day or a time once or twice a week where you allow yourself to eat something that you love, with the intention of getting right back to your healthy lifestyle the next day.

Meal planning is essential.

If you wait until you’re starving to eat, you will almost always make a poor choice.  So since what you consume is the most important step toward weight loss, think about food beforehand.  In addition to always having precut vegetables and fruits in your refrigerator to grab and save you from the potato chips, consider a service like PlateJoy, that for less than $10 per month will not only plan your healthy meals for you, but will also put together your grocery list and help you along the way with a personal chef.  Learn more about PlateJoy here.

Exercise should be fun.

Since most people don’t want to exercise, find ways to keep it fun.  While planning your workouts on your calendar, maybe reach out to friend and see if she wants to join you for a hike early one morning, or try a new class at the gym.  Always challenge yourself to make exercise fun and not something you dread, that way it will continue to stay part of your lifestyle. And remember, exercise isn’t just for weight loss, it’s for your health, mentally and physically; you will always feel better after a workout.  Check out these 10 best time efficient workout DVDS here.

Learn to eat healthy when eating out.

Since life doesn’t stop when you’re trying to lose weight or maintain the weight you’ve already lost, be aware of the culprits that can get in the way of your success.  Meeting your girlfriends out for dinner and drinks from time to time is ok as long as you are aware of what or how much you are consuming.  Get one drink and sip it, then consider ordering an appetizer over a big heavy meal.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask the server how something is prepared so you can stay away from buttery sauces or fried food.  Learn more about eating out healthy here.

Don’t let the clock dictate when it’s time to eat.

We’ve been programmed to believe that we should eat at certain time everyday when that’s entirely untrue.  Just because your office goes to lunch at noon, doesn’t mean you have to go eat when you’re not hungry.  If you’ve had a good breakfast, pack your lunch and eat it when your body wants it, or go out and pick up a healthy lunch and bring it back to your desk.  Let your body tell you when it needs to be fueled.

Do what’s best for you.

Taking on a specific type of “diet” is not a lifestyle and will only lead to regaining weight you’ve lost.  Instead, find moderation for what works for you.  Don’t feel like you have to completely cut out anything, like carbs for instance, because that’s not real life, that’s a fad diet.  If you’re going to eat carbs, be sure they contain whole grains, read labels and looks for words like whole wheat, barley and oats; which will also keep you regular and is another step toward weight loss.

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