10 Ways to Workout and Not Even Realize it


Did you know that playing with your dog for a half hour burns 100 calories?  We do so many things naturally each day that we didn’t even know burn calories like a workout.  Here’s are 9 more ways to workout and not even realize it.

Have a girls night!

By the time you’ve cleaned up your house, prepared the sitting area and made the healthy delicious black bean dip for all of your girlfriends, you’ve already burned 200 calories before anyone has even shown up.

Rake up the leaves in your yard.

90-minutes of raking leaves and then jumping in the pile burns more than 400 calories, woohoo!

Go for a leisurely bike ride.

You don’t even have to break a sweat!  A calm, easy-going 45-minute bike ride burns 200 calories!

Go shopping.

Who knew?  Shopping for the latest fashions for 2 hours burns 300 calories.

Sing karaoke.

Grab the mic at the bar this weekend and sing your heart out because you’ll burn an easy 100 calories.

Throw the frisbee around.

A fun game in the backyard burns tons of calories and truly is a workout that’s fun.  90-minutes of throwing the frisbee around burns a whopping 300 calories.

Wash your car.

Grab a sponge, the hose and take an hour out to wash your car and burn 200 calories.

Go bowling.

Make it an extra fun Saturday night and go bowling with your friends because in 2 hours you’ll all burn 400 calories each.

Do some gardening.

This one is very surprising!  Getting down and dirty in the garden for an hour burns 300 calories.

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