Girls Night; how to make it fun & healthy

qtq80-MWzeoEEvery girl needs a girls night!  Time spent with the ladies can be whatever you want it to be, but I think the best ones are spent at home chilling out on a comfy sofa surrounded by laughter, good food and deep conversations.  Yes, going out can be fun too, but being able to show your latest dance moves or laugh as loud as you want is something special every girl should experience from time to time.

Women need the time together to share stories, figure out solutions to problems and laugh until it hurts because it’s incredibly therapeutic with everyone walking away feeling better than when they showed up. Whether you’re just getting together with your bestie or a whole group of ladies, plan a girls night soon. Here’s how to make it fun, memorable and healthy too.


Creating a comfortable, inviting environment is essential to a successful girls night.  So pull out all of your throw pillows, cozy blankets and light a whole bunch of (scentless) candles, as to not overwhelm your guests with too many scents and let everybody get cozy.

The Food

Through experience of putting on numerous girls nights, I’ve found that having an array of snacks and dips seems to be the way to go versus a big dinner.  Women like to graze; eat some food and chat a little more, plus keeping it casual with snacks scattered on the coffee table instead of a sit down formal dinner puts everybody at ease.  My go-to girls night foods are my famous black bean dip; get the recipe here, and spinach artichoke dip; get the recipe here.  Both are made with health in mind and are loaded with vegetables; all of my friends have asked me for the recipes.


Let’s face it, the fun for the most part just happens.  Put a group of women in a room together and the interesting and hilarious conversations are never-ending.  The best girls night is when you completely lose track of time because you’re having so much fun it flies by.  But I’ll also have a little fun music playing in the background just in case it turns into a dance party.  You can even put together a girls night playlist; so fun!

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