Energy drinks can cause liver failure; think before you drink

qtq80-5JqrubBe aware of what you’re putting into your body; think before you drink.  Just because products are available to you, doesn’t mean you should consume them and certainly doesn’t mean they’re safe, especially in large doses.  The latest news proves this as a 50-year old construction worker developed acute hepatitis that was likely caused by drinking 4-5 energy drinks a day for three weeks.  It turns out, drinking too many energy drinks can negatively affect your liver just as much as alcohol does.

Although this man did have chronic hepatitis C, doctors do blame the energy booster drink for his liver failure.  The sudden onset of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice and dark urine was directly related to the drinks because once he stopped consuming them all of them resolved.

What happens is the large amounts of vitamin B3, also called niacin contained in each one of these energy drinks exceed what the body can handle, become toxic and ultimately damage your liver.  So if you’re drinking numerous cans each day you’re destined for a health crisis.  In addition to the liver damage, the caffeine and stimulants also contained in energy drinks can affect the heart and kidneys.

The amount of caffeine in energy drinks are equal to five cups of coffee and that sort of impact on the body has been linked to heart and neurological problems including heart palpitations, headaches, high blood pressure and nausea.  This is one of the number one reasons why children should absolutely stay away from these drinks.

Lastly, mixing energy drinks with alcohol, such as a Red Bull and vodka, not only causes someone to drink three times more because of the masking of drunkenness due to the mix of caffeine and stimulants, but the potential for liver damage and/or failure is then increased even more.

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