Motivational fitness tips for the Winter months

qtq80-6CEPcYJust because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean that your fitness routine should have to slow down. But once the bathing suit is put away it can be difficult to find the motivation on those chilly lazy Fall and Winter days. Healthy living can be put on the back burner when the cold weather touches down; the holidays start to roll in and all of those tasty fattening foods are laid out in front of you.  Here’s some motivational fitness tips to get you through the colder months.

Look in the mirror.

One of the best approaches to staying motivated to workout is to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I want to lose the shape and sculpt of my body and have to start all over again in the Spring?”. It’s so much easier to maintain a workout regimen than it is to start all over again. Consistency is key to success with anything in life, but especially when it comes to exercise. Make your workouts habitual and try to move your body at the same time each day. Eventually you will feel worse if you don’t workout; which in itself is a strong incentive to get moving.

Mind over matter.

Beat the winter blues. Remind yourself how fantastic you feel after a yoga practice or a circuit training session. The hardest part about working out is deciding to do so. It’s rare to ever hear someone say that they regret exercising. It really comes down to mind over matter, making the decision to just do it. Once you put that DVD in or turn up the volume on your IPod the motivation is instant and you will feel so much better following.

Write it down.

Another way to stay motivated to workout is to write down what exercise you plan to do each day and record your progress. Keeping a journal or marking your calendar puts the intension in writing; which helps keep any commitment because it holds you accountable. Talk to your friends and family about your recorded plan and they will be additional sources of inspiration and will maybe join you on your mission.

Get inspired.

Read anything and everything health and fitness.  Whether it’s magazines or websites, educate yourself on the latest workouts and healthy foods because knowledge is power. Believe it or not looking at pictures and reading articles can be very motivating. Get a subscription to your favorite health magazine so the inspiration will consistently appear in your mailbox each month.  Also subscribe to an exercise website so that motivation lands in your inbox each day. In addition, Facebook offers a number of different encouraging exercise pages that you can “like” and will appear on your homepage often.  You cans tart with mine!  Skinny Healthy Girl is on Facebook here.  And on Twitter here.

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