Plank everyday; 5 things will happen to your body

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qtq80-GMFpQBThe plank has become one of the most popular exercises for good reason.  It’s one of the best body weight exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime, it takes minutes and gets incredible results.  Here’s 5 things that will happen to do you body when you do a plank everyday.

Your core will become stronger.

When your core is strong, your back is supported.  Doing a plank everyday strengthening your abdominal muscles not only looks great, it straightens your posture, helping to avoid back issues.

Your balance is improved.

When your center is strong, your overall balance becomes more in line.  Doing a plank everyday will benefit your body by enabling it to balance out.  As you grow older, your equilibrium can become off center, but you have the ability to get it back.


Your metabolism is boosted.

Did you know that if you do a plank everyday you will burn more calories overall?  Once the abdominal muscle is strengthened your metabolic rate is enhanced especially if you start each day with a one-minute plank.

Your mental health will be improved.

When you do a plank everyday you’re not only working the muscles in the center of your body.  You’re also directly affecting your brain by increasing the happy chemicals in your brain therefore fighting off anxiety and depression.

You will be more flexible.

Did you ever hear the saying, “flexibility keeps you young”?  Well, it’s true, and planks will help you become more flexible because not only do they strengthen muscles, they stretch the everything from your head to your toes.


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