Best Meditation Chair


Meditation isn’t complicated, it’s actually quite simple.  If you just breathed, you just meditated.  Taking a minute to focus on your breath is really all meditation is, but the benefits are astounding to your health and well-being. You can meditate anywhere at anytime, but if you want to take it to the next level, create a space and beautify your home with a thoughtfully constructed seat created by a long-time practitioner, I’ve found the best meditation chair for you.

Learn more about the best meditation chair here (click picture).
Learn more about the best meditation chair here (click picture).

The Seagrass Meditation chair isn’t only beautiful, it’s perfectly crafted with Zen-like simplicity.  The armless feature allows for maximum ease of movement as well as multiple entry and exit angles.

The front of the seat of the Seagrass Meditation Chair drops 3 inches from the side to the middle to allow for the feet to rest more comfortably below the knees while the back of the seat remains straight across to raise the hips above the legs.

The straight back of the chair provides an upright support for meditation not found on most chairs and also allows for multiuse everyday sitting. The feet can be tucked up on the chair as shown or placed easily on the ground in front.

Made from woven Seagrass and solid Mango wood the Seagrass Meditation Chair is an ecological and elegant seating concept.  The cushions of the Seagrass chair are filled with natural Kapok similar to many meditation cushions. The covers are 100% cotton and are removable for washing.

Dimensions: 30″w x 27″d x 20″ h
Seat height: 8 ” with cushion
Weight: 25 lbs


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