10 Best most powerful natural antibiotics


If you haven’t already heard, taking antibiotics every time you are sick can cause your body to resist them over time, making a once easily treatable illness to become a dangerous, prolonged and potentially life-threatening infection.  Many think a person becomes resistant to the antibiotic drug, but it is actually the bacteria within that person that becomes resistant.

Although, sometimes you will absolutely need an antibiotic to fight an illness or infection in your lifetime, you can defend yourself from all of those nasty bugs by boosting your immune system naturally each day.  Here are the top 10 best most powerful natural antibiotics you should include within your diet to reduce the probability of getting sick.


We all know garlic is strong, but did you know it can also make you stronger in fighting against illness? Add it raw to your guacamole and/or cook it into every recipe that you can to gain the health benefits it provides.


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are incredible.  Ginger infused tea not only tastes delicious and keeps you healthy, it also helps your food digest more easily.


An anti-fungal food that wards off infections is also a staple in the kitchen.  Eat them raw and cook them often.

Oregano oil

My neighbor, who used to get sick all of the time, has been taking “oil of oregano” for years now and swears by it.  She rarely, if ever, gets sick anymore.

Raw honey

Not just honey, raw honey; which is free from additives and completely natural, boosts the immune system and raises levels of health promoting anti-oxidants in the body.

Apple cider vinegar

A girlfriend told me she started doing a shot of apple cider vinegar every morning and hasn’t gotten sick in years.


A powerful anti-inflammatory and very strong antioxidant herb that not only can be added to recipes, but can be taken as a supplement to boost your immune system and continue to keep it strong.


This herb encourages the immune system to keep you healthy and can also reduce many of the symptoms suffered during a colds, flu and other illnesses, infections and conditions.

Horseradish root

With a high nutrient and mineral content that includes vitamin C among many others, horseradish root can be grated into drinks, teas and Asian-style stir-fry dishes.  Tip: keep it wrapped in the freezer and use it whenever you need it; so easy to grate frozen and keeps for a very long time.

Habanero peppers

Yes, they are hot, but their benefits far outweigh the heat that you feel when you eat them.  The high concentration of vitamins and minerals help to prevent potentially serious medical conditions.

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