Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Yoga Workout Tones Entire Body

Learn more here about the Skinnygirl workout.

Every single time I do the Skinnygirl Yoga Workout I’m reminded of just how effective it is as I always feel the results the next day, mentally and physically. The entire body, but especially the upper back, arms, abs and thighs are not only sore, they continue to get stronger with each workout, in addition to making me feel as if I can conquer the world.

Frankel says, “People always ask me how I stay in shape.  This is what I do.”  And there’s no doubt, it’s a bit challenging.  She set up the DVD with options to do a shorter versions or an entire 45+ minutes; which I tend to do each time because it’s almost impossible to turn it off.  She even includes an additional 12-minute stretch section that feels amazing.

Frankel works alongside her favorite NYC yoga instructor, Mike McArdle who is incredibly patient and appreciative of her very dry sense of humor; which is quite funny.  McArdle explains each pose as he personally takes you through it and gives simpler options that Bethenny tends to lean towards.

Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Workout tones the entire body.  Overall, I highly recommend this yoga workout; you’ll love it! And it’s under $8 bucks! Learn more about it here.

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