You can make a difference; help Pride help kids this Christmas

Learn how you can help a child this Christmas (click photo above).

Feeling healthy isn’t just about what we eat or how often we exercise, it’s also, and most importantly, about wellness within. Did you know that giving to others makes you healthier and happier?  Whether it be volunteering your time, stepping in for a friend or family member without being asked or giving to those in need; you can make a difference for others in so many ways.

Too often we get so caught up in the craziness of the holiday season with buying holiday gifts for our friends, family, co-workers, and so on, that we can forget about the kids who won’t receive anything this year because their families simply don’t have the money.  But you can make a big difference in very small ways, and here’s one great example we just had to share.

Pride Stores and Maryanne’s kids have partnered together to offer incredible ways you can help to ensure every child receives a holiday gift this year.  When you stop in at a Pride Store to grab a fresh healthy snack or fuel your vehicle, you can conveniently drop off a toy, buy a $1 ornament or take a tag off the Christmas tree and purchase a child a gift right inside the store itself. It’s that easy.  Learn more about how you can make a difference through Maryanne’s Kids here.

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