Top 10 worst foods you can eat


Every single food choice we make and eat throughout the day has a direct affect on our energy levels, how our brains function and the quality of sleep we get each night.  Sometimes we make poor food choices unaware what we’re putting into our bodies is negatively affecting our overall health and longevity.  Here are the top 10 worst foods you can eat.

Hot dogs and deli meats

Processed meats are packed with chemical preservatives that are linked to cancer for all of us, but especially for children, even when eaten by the mother before conception and/or during pregnancy.


A higher cholesterol and better chance for heart disease is linked to butter.  In addition, consuming too much butter can increase the possibility for invasive cancers such as of the breast.

Baked goods

The goods that sit on the shelves in your grocery store that are made of refined carbohydrates, white flour and sugar, will not only clog your arteries leading to heart disease, but can cause dementia in addition to depression.

Smoked, BBQ or Conventionally Raised Red Meat

Recently, we’ve learned that the hormones and antibiotics pumped into the animals that we eat have a direct affect our health and can cause cancer.  If you eat red meat be absolutely sure it is free of toxins and vegetarian fed before consuming. In addition, be aware that smoked and BBQ meat has also been linked to cancer.

Sweetened dairy products

Read every label, especially dairy products that you would normally think are healthy for you, such as yogurt, as it is usually jam-packed with sugar.  The low or fat free versions are usually the worst sugar culprits.  Aim for 10 grams or less sugar per serving.

Salty foods

It’s everywhere!  Just about every single product you pick up in the grocery store is packed with salt, then we add more when we eat, it’s incredible.  Too much sodium is just as bad as too much sugar, it can cause high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease and stomach cancer.  Read your labels and always buy low sodium.

Pancakes and donuts

This is a given, but sometimes pancakes can be considered healthy if they contain fruit, but they’re not.  All of the white flour and sweeteners take away any of the healthy aspects and are linked to heart disease and cancers.  Look for the whole grain, high protein brands if you’re going to make pancakes every once in a while, and skip the donuts all together.


Even the diet form of soda is bad for you.  There is absolutely nothing healthy about drinking a soda.  Give it up.

Fried foods

Another sort of given when it comes to one of the worst foods that you can eat, but some believe if it’s a healthy food to begin with it can’t be that bad, but it is.  The cooking process, even of an eggplant, causes inflammation throughout the body and increases the risk of cancer.

Sweeteners and white sugar

Any form of sweetness including honey and agave promotes weight gain, heart disease and diabetes; use sparingly.

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