5 Best Wellness Tips for now and forever

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We’re taking on another year and every type of advice imaginable is out there right now from how to advance your career or how get into shape and lose that annoying 10 pounds you’ve been carrying around.

But ultimately, before any of that can happen, what’s most important is your mental wellness.  Your overall emotional well-being must take center stage first, so we’ve pulled together these 5 best wellness tips you can incorporate into your life now and forever.

Put your phone away.

You’ve heard this before, but it’s 100% true, we are addicted to our phones and social media.  It’s ok to stay connected, but set a limit on phone use each day, so that you can appreciate your surroundings and pay better attention to your friends and family.  Technology can be an escape, but it can also negatively affect your relationships and have a serious impact on your psychological health.  Consider putting your phone out of reach when spending time with friends, it will not only bring more meaning to your relationships, it will show them that they are your number one priority.  You may also want to have a cut off time in the evening when your phone is put away for the day so that your brain can unwind and allow you better sleep.

Walk outside, breathe the air, move.


Because of the link between physical health and mental health, it’s important they stay intertwined.  The mind and body are so connected that they respond to one another.  When we think something, our bodies react.  This is why the brain can directly affect our physical health, it’s incredible.  So get outside, move, boost your endorphins; you’ll feel and look better almost immediately.  Make the commitment to move in some fashion everyday.  Whether you park as far away as possible from the grocery store so that you can speed walk back and forth to your car, do one of the best yoga DVDS or simply just walk outside and breathe; just do something.

Say NO.

We come from a place of yes almost all of the time because we don’t want to disappoint anyone, but doing that can be a disservice to ourselves and will only lead to stress and anxiety; which will ultimately disrupt our health.  It may take some practice, but there are only so many hours in a day and life passes by in a blink of an eye, start to “consider before committing”.  Unless it is something very close to your heart, never say yes on the spot, take a moment and promise to follow up.

Plan time with your favorite people.

Don’t let texting or Facebook replace old fashioned quality time with your favorite people because there’s nothing quite like an evening laughing with your girlfriends or planning a date night with just your love.  Pull out your calendar, reach out to those whom you love, make it a part of your routine and don’t let anything get in the way of those special moments.  Learn how to have a fun healthy girls night here.  And when you truly don’t have time to see one another, rather than text, pick up the phone and call.  And if they don’t answer, leave a message just saying you were thinking of them, it will make a difference in your day and theirs.

Be kinder to yourself.

Stop beating yourself up for everything you didn’t do and instead build yourself through being proud of what you did do. Make the commitment to yourself to recognize your accomplishments each day, no matter how small they might be, and feel the incredible positive impact of progress.  Set realistic expectations for yourself that you can actually conquer versus over the top unrealistic challenges so that you can continuously reinforce your confidence instead of feeling shame.  See the good, be grateful and point out the positive every single chance you get.

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