Best reasons to exercise when you don’t want to


We all have good intentions, especially when it comes to exercise and trying to live a healthier life.  But let’s face it, some days we dread it and just don’t want to.  When that happens, try to remember that exercise if one of the best things that you can do for your health and well-being.  Here are the best reasons to exercise even when you don’t want to.

Boost positive emotions

Even 15-minutes of exercise can completely transform your outlook on life.  This is because any physical activity will prompt the feel-good chemicals in the brain.  Studies have shown that consistent exercise can keep this feeling going and boost positive emotions each day.

Get more energy even when you’re tired

It’s always best to get exercise in during the morning hours to be sure it’s not put off all day and then completely abandoned. Studies have shown that even if you think you’re too tired to get up to exercise or too tired to do anything later in the day, moderate physical activity will actually give you a second wind and take away those sleepy feelings you would normally have.

Add years to your life

Time and time again it’s proven that exercise can lower the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol.  Consistent exercise gets your blood pumping, helping oxygen to be used more efficiently, keeping your overall health in check; therefore enabling you to live a longer life.

Improved sleep

Who doesn’t struggle to sleep well every night?  Rather than popping a pill, consider incorporating a healthier option. Regular aerobic exercise has been linked to better sleep.  Studies have shown that exercise increases the hormones that enable you to sleep well.  Check out some more natural ways to sleep better here.

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