Practice patience with yourself in getting healthy

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Patience is one of the most difficult aspects of getting and staying healthy.  It’s probably one of the hardest practices to master as a whole in life.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just start eating healthier more consistently, change doesn’t occur overnight.  Be patient, be kind to yourself; we all fall off the wagon sometimes, especially when starting a new journey. Healthy living isn’t built in a day, we need to be patient and forgive ourselves when we lose our way because we all do in some way or another.

The definition of patience is: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering, without getting angry or upset.

When you practice patience with yourself in getting healthy you will gain confidence and trust, letting nothing get in the way of your life-long goals.  But sometimes, when life gets in the way, like being truly too busy to exercise or you’re invited to a girls night loaded with treats and wine, it’s ok, enjoy, be you, because there’s always tomorrow to start anew.  Be confident, believe in yourself, stay calm and venture on.

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